GameNotes November 26, 2019

Wow Classic

Bouncing around between characters quite a bit this week depending on how much time I had to play.  Here’s where they’re at level wise:

Affliction Warlock 28

Retribution Paladin 25

Feral Druid 24

Arms Warrior 20

Hunter #1 17

Frost Mage 13

Hunter #2 12

Combat Rogue 11

Disc Priest 10

Resto Druid 10


As always it’s fashion week in the realm.

New Wizard clothing for my Warlock after weeks of red shorts.


My Paladin finally got decent pants.


I tried to get an action shot of my Paladin fighting, mostly so I could see her face to compare to the now putty like faces in BFA.  She looks pretty serene.


One of my characters looted the Mechanical Squirrel schematic.  My Engineer wasted no time making one and taking her right out to do some copper mining.


Battle for Azeroth


I bought the Admiralty Stallion when I got Exalted this week with Proudmoore.  A pretty creature.


Tonight, the Tortollans are Revered, so Pathfinder Part 1, yay, hooray.


Now it gets ugly.  I’m talking Mechagon!  It’s the last thing I need for flying, reputation with these….   I did as many quests as I could find, tonight, and one world quest to work towards getting the Rustbolts from Friendly to Honored.  This is going to be rough.  I don’t get headaches, but Mechagon gives me one.

To Mechagon!  What’s that smell?


That’s right, it’s a junkheap.


On the Fashion side, Atherne has a new hammer.   So practical.



My Engineer Has new goggles which hide her saucer like eyes.


13 Screenshots this post for IntPiPoMo.

Total 58.

I’m going to go back and re-count to be sure I have the count correct.  I’m likely to still do a screenshot Saturday because I’m having fun with the three games featured there.   If I don’t get to it this busy week, at least I’ve made the goal of 50.  Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “GameNotes November 26, 2019

    • I did get in on a Rustfeather fight one day as I happened by. I don’t have the patience to “camp” him, no matter the reward. And of course I can’t fly until I get Revered Rep with Mechagon. Working in Mechagon just makes me want to esplode. I’ll get to Revered, no question, thanks to the Wow Anniversary enhanced rep gains. Still. This is the most painful Pathfinder yet.


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