GameNotes March 31, 2020

I’ve played very little since last week.  When I do, it’s mostly my Blackwater Raiders Hunter who is now at level 105 thanks to the xp boost in effect.   I feel the character has been underplayed for a long time–of course she is or she’d be at 120.

Her Tradeskills are Herbalism and Skinning.  These two skills are a particularly fun combination, and skinning always suits the Hunter model as a fantasy.  I’m just questing my way around Highmountain, which is an area that suits a Hunter character as well, and not just because the Class Hall is there.

She’s a Beastmaster, and though she never feels powerful to me as a fighter, her varied pets and the self heal give her good survivability.  Which makes her appealing to play.

I’d like to be running dungeons, but the wait times are around half an hour now, and I just haven’t the patience this week to wait in a queue.


I got Feedly working again by changing to an actual Feedly account rather than living with the silly Google and their sudden inability to recognize my device.   I needed to start over with my feed list, but that’s fine, I narrowed it down a bit to the feeds I enjoy most.


Random Stuff:


You know you’re too isolated when you start trying these:

A Few 19th-Century Parlor Games to Amuse You While You’re Stuck at Home


It would be hard to mess up a Dragon’s Lair Movie, right?


The Stories that inspired Dungeons and Dragons.  I had a period where I read all the “Golden Age” Science Fiction I could find.  I’m pleased to see much of that here, plus many other great titles.

The Fantasy Books that Inspired Dungeons & Dragons

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