World of Warcraft Stress Test…Smooth

No problems today logging in, creating a character, and entering the world.

I created a Human Rogue to specifically do the Elywnn Forest area this time. Levels were slow. I think it took me two hours to get out of Northshire and onward to Goldshire, just because of slow spawns and high competition for them. It also seemed there were more quests there. People were super good about grouping in Northshire, but not so much once outside of it. I could have just tossed invites myself, and I think in a live game I’ll try to do that or send a tell to prospects. It is all so much simpler with a group.

General chat was convivial, to say the least. It had that warm, fuzzy, aren’t we all so glad to be here vibe. I tossed out comments and one liners left and right. A good time!

Handling two Defias seemed not bad while in Northshire. I liked the story line of the area. Most troups were elsewhere fighting the Horde, and volunteers of all types were helping defend Elwynn from shady characters who had moved in. There was also a line about this area being “The last bastion of human power in the world”. It certainly never feels like that in the current game.

This quest took me so long. You were to kill ten kobold vermin. There were no kobolds called vermin, just Workers and inside the Echo Mine, Laborers. Someone said you had to kill the ones called Workers wearing brown pants. In the frenzy to tag and kill any kobold you could get before someone else, you sure couldn’t check their clothing.

Before I got the brown pants hint, I spent a fair bit of time killing Laborers, and was dismayed to find I had zero of ten towards the quest. You see why kobolds are starting to freak me out. More kobolds than I’ve killed in ten years, I’m sure, all in one night.

My Rogue Trainer was lurking in a barn. I like training for new skills. I like earning new skills. I don’t mind paying for them, though I’ll need to work hard to kill, loot, and make money for my training. I’m ok with it. It’s kind of exciting.

Speaking of the Defias, it’s a little embarrassing when you need that bandana off the guy so bad you have to toss a knife in his back at a particularly vulnerable moment.

Elwynn Forest

My Rogue felt really good, if not powerful, until I hit those Rockhide boars and bears in Elwynn. First death to a pig. I’m sure it means nothing. My Live Rogue has never used the “throw” skill so much, just trying to tag mobs ahead of someone else.

I liked that the quests for candles and gold dust could be gotten at either the Fargodeep or Jasperlode Mines. Fargodeep was huge. I’m sure it’s not that big in Live. But maybe I vaguely recall it being larger at some point. Still, really a rambling place.

The Jasperlode had more kobold opportunities, but they seemed tougher, and I confess I died many times getting that gold dust and those candles. I’ve always thought kobolds were sort of innocuous, but now I see why some have obsessed over them. They’re beasts, nd are all over the early levels of this area. I hope I don’t dream about kobolds tonight.

When you’re dead you’re a sort of cool ghost.

Some wretch was going around and killing all the cows. (sniff)

Stormwind! Are all of those statues there? I have to go look. They look so cool, a really grand entrance.

Stormwind is gorgeous. It’s like a medieval fairy tale city. It’s so cool. Why on earth did they change it?

Stormwind, the Fairy Tale City.

The bank and all the signage, so very retro.

Inside the bank, a long hall.

Then a huge open area, very impressive.

The tavern in Old Town where the Cook trainer is, is so great. Very immersive.

I stopped at level 7 1/2. I think I’m done for now. Stormwind really kind of did me in, and I don’t want to get attached. I’ll be right there in August!

6 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Stress Test…Smooth

  1. I do wonder how long that charming feeling will last – classic games are really fun (so much, I am enjoying one stuck in time more than anything else) but how and when (if) they grow, are all big questions as the community explores it. Still, happy for WoW players!

    • After all of these years of game companies trying to make WOW Killers, who should come up with the best shot at doing so but Blizzard themselves? I can’t imagine they will be able to wrap their heads around the response. I bet they kind of love it and kind of hate it. Where it goes from here will be something to see.

    • People who played the original game probably knew that Stormwind has changed, but if you had no idea, it’s a brand new game! The atmosphere of Classic is so different, clearly closer to it’s RPG roots, and I love that. It’s charming. I would never picture myself calling World of Warcraft charming, but there it is.

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